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Different Types Of Growth Regulator For Fruit Crop

Posted by Admin on September, 09, 2020

Plant Growth regulators are the chemicals that help to alter the part of any plant or the plant growth itself. Growth regulators can aid in the accelerated growth of the plant or tree, help reduce fruit production, decline vegetative growth, etc along with many other benefits. Different growth regulators have different functions and hence, help framers to get maximum benefits from their production.

However, a number of factors depend on how well the growth regulator is absorbed by the plant to help accelerate its growth such as the age of the plant or the tree, weather condition on the day of application, dose, timing, etc. Growth Regulator Granules Supplier in India offers quality products at a reasonable price to their customers. Listed below are a few growth regulators that are mostly used in fruit crops.

These growth regulators help in the elongation of the root tip. This aids in inducing roots in a twig. Apart from that, Auxin can also be used to thin fruit to help reduce the fruit drop before the harvest. This reduces the wastage of fruit and helps boost the profits for the farmers or cultivators.

This growth regulator helps to ripen the fruit quickly. Ethylene helps to transit the fruit from mature to ripe in a very short time. Ethephon is released on the application of ethylene which aids the shelf life of the fruits and allows it to hang longer on the tree. Ethylene can help to increase the production capacity of fruit in the season allowing greater revenues for the framers.

cytokinins help in cell growth and reduce leaf decay. These are also very helpful in axillary bud blooming and branching. Cytokinins also act as fruit thinner in some plants and prevent fruit drop. Growth Regulator Granules Supplier can help you understand the dose and timing of the application of cytokinins to enhance cell growth in plants.

These promote seed germination as well as fruit growth. They help to increase the fruit size and quality of the fruit along with delaying fruit ripening. These are also used to reduce overproduction by managing the flower in trees like tart cherries.

The above-mentioned are some growth regulators used in fruit crops. These play a vital role in the production of fruits or plant quality. However, you should be very careful as to follow the instruction written on the label and precaution to be taken before the application of the plant growth regulators to get the best results for your desired purpose. You can also refer to the crop calendar to get a clear idea of the use and timing of plant growth regulators.

Buying a quality plant growth regulator is the key to get a quality plant or fruit production. Make sure to buy a growth regulator from a verified dealer or supplier to ensure high-quality products at the best price. Growth Regulator Granules Wholesale Supplier also offer great customer services and assist customers to get the best buy within their budget for their desired use.

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